One day support - RYA Diesel Engine course

Description - One day Support - RYA Diesel Engine course

Allabroad has a fully functional 3 cylinder Volvo MD20 30 diesel engine in its dedicated marina-side facility, and up to 4 different engines on various vessels to work with from 20hp to 300hp.
The RYA Diesel engine course is a serious must for anyone prepared to entrust their life or their family’s life to the humble diesel engine. Although normally very reliable, there are a number of common problems that will stop a diesel engine in its tracks. With proper training, many of these problems can be rectified easily.
There is a big emphasis on emergency repairs at sea: one of the practical exercises is to actually re-plumb the fuel system to run from a separate supply and then start and run the engine directly, without using any of the vessel’s fuel or electrical systems. No other RYA Training Centre in Gibraltar comes close to offering this level of expertise or equipment.

Course Benefits

You will be able to identify small faults before they become more serious and expensive.
If you have a yacht of your own you could save a fortune by servicing your own engines.
The engine is one of the best safety features of the yacht: the knowledge and skills you generate from this course could save the day.

Equipment - Check out what's included:

Classroom Equipment available
• 1 x Volvo Penta MD 20 30
• 1 x Hymen Fire pump (demonstration of compression ignition)
• 1 x KAD 300 Turbocharger
• 1 x Rotary fuel injection pump
• 1 x inline fuel injection pump
• 1 x injector
• 1 x Racor fuel water separation demonstrator
• 2 x Fuel lift pump
• 1 x alternator
• 2 x starters
• 1 x fluke multimeter
• 1 x deep cycle marine battery
• 1 x one hose semi automatic oil changing system
• 1 x turbo charge air cooler
• RYA Diesel Engine book for you to keep
Engines available onboard yachts
• 2 x Volvo Penta MD 2030 (3 cylinder normally aspirated) 20hp
• 2 x Yanmah 4JH series (4 cylinder normally aspirated) 40hp
• 2 x Volvo Penta D2 55 (4 cylinder normally aspirated) 50hp
• 2 x Vovo KAD 300 (6 cylinder Turbocharged and supercharged) 300hp

Essential Information - One day Support - RYA Diesel Engine course

Duration: 1 day, 0930 until 1730
Kit List:
Certification: RYA Diesel Engine


Course dates:Call
Groups of six may set dates at their convenience.



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