Allabroad Ltd is a company registered in and Trading in Gibraltar
Company registration Number 103528
Head Office Address

Allabroad Sailing Academy

The Square
Marina Bay
Ocean Village

Allabroad Sailing Academy and Gtec Maritime Trading are both trading Names of Allabroad Ltd

The Allabroad Fleet of Yachts is permenantly based in Gibraltar, all training advertised on this website is conducted directly by Allabroad Ltd

Allabroad is the only MCA STCW95 BST Approved training centre in Gibraltar and is not in any way affiliated with any other RYA training centres who falsely advertise  STCW95 in Gibraltar. We do not pass any of our business on to other providers, nor do we offer courses that we are not accredited or approved to deliver. Although many RYA centres claim to offer the STCW95 BST course only a handful of training centers are actually approved to deliver the course.  This can be checked here:

download the RYA List of STCW95 approved centers

Important information regarding extended courses (Fastrack)

Beware of false advertising, 'Professional' courses?

There are other schools misleadingly advertising 'Professional Yachtmaster Fastrack'  that are not actually offering Professional yachtmaster fastrack courses. The current definition of a professional Yachtmaster Offshore fastrack course is one that includes, as a minimum:

  • Powerboat L2,


  • Diesel

  • VHF

  • STCW95 BST

  • Yachtmaster offshore

Always ensure that you are absolutely certain what you are booking, the difference between a standard fastrack and the pro course is PB2 and STCW95 this is a cost difference of over £1000, represents a further 7 full days training, and these courses are absolutely essential if you want to work in the industry.

Check out the facilities first

Due to economic pressures there are many schools offering fastrack courses who are not equipped to deliver, some even claim to be 'Fastrack Sailing Academies' when they do not actually have any shorebased facilities.

Many students cringe when they see some of the schools offering Fastrack courses, and are amazed that these companies are allowed to offer this course with no facilities to deliver.  We receive many inquiries from students who have been mislead into booking with a centre that is not equipped to deliver Fastrack courses. Its worth bearing in mind that whilst the Fastrack course itself leads to an internationally RYA recognised qualification (upon successful completion of the exam) the fastrack training course to get there is not governed or controlled in any way by the RYA. All a centre requires for RYA Approval is access to 1 yacht over 30' and a principal with a Yachtmaster instructor qualification. There is no requirements from the RYA for a centre to have any shorebased facilities, so some just rent PO boxes. Unfortunately this has lead to a massive difference in standards and equipment on offer from one centre to the next. And as a result there are areas of training that are simply missed out as a result and students scrape through or fail as a direct result of a lack of knowledge.  It is very easy for a school to look impressive on the website but much more difficult to invest in the facilities and equipment required to deliver fastrack courses and properly prepare yachtmasters for the industry.  Follow these steps, wherever you decide to train, to avoid disappointment.

  • Firstly check with the RYA that the school is actually accredited to deliver the training that they advertise, many offer courses that they are not accredited to deliver and pass you from one provider to the next taking commission each time.

  • Visit several sailing schools for yourself to make a fair comparison, print out the pages of the webpage and take these with you, do not believe the websites!

  • Arrange to meet the principal at their shorebased facility, if they do not have a shorebased facility then they are not really suitable for fastrack courses, there will be better schools with much more to offer you for the same money. Keep looking.

  • Ask to meet the current group of Fastrack students and chat to them, if they do not have any fastrack students then you have your answer. Keep looking.

  • Ask to see the equipment, there should be training VHF radios, a training engine, RADAR simulators, projectors, classrooms, toilets, kitchen etc.

  • Check out the Yachts, there should be a variety of yachts at least 5 or 6 so if there is a fault on one you can continue to train on another.

  • realistically you need to be training on vessels over 45 feet if you wish to be taken seriously in the yachting industry as a professional yachtmaster. 14 weeks on a 10m yacht isn't really going to help you with a qualification that allows you to skipper a 23m yacht.

  • insist on a written course schedule outlining exactly what qualifications you will receive and who endorses them, if they are not RYA or MCA or IYT then they are worthless. 

  • ask who you will be sailing with, some schools do not have enough fastrack students so you are constantly mixed up with beginners.

  • Do not pay for all your fastrack sailing course up front, even if there is a discount offered, this could indicate there are some cash flow problems.

  • Once you have made your choice, pay in installments, and always with your credit card, you have more consumer protection if there is a problem with your course.

  • NEVER pay cash

During your course

  • Ask to see each instructors qualifications and commercial endorsement, some schools send students out with unqualified skippers for mile building.

  • Check the vessel is commercially coded for the trips you are making.

  • Check Life raft service dates

  • Check Life jackets are serviced

  • Ensure that you are taking an active role in skippering the yacht and that instruction is taking place.

  • Insist on regular debriefs, daily or at least weekly.

  • If you think you have been miss sold or the company has been falsely advertised on the website then contact the RYA and the Advertising Standards Agency.


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